Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well, after a long, long bloggy lay-off, this Imus stuff has motivated me to get my blog on again. Imus' career deserves to be in jeopardy. He deserved to be sacked by MSNBC. And I can see CBS Radio going either way.

Certainly, the two-week radio suspension is too short. I'll be shocked if, at the least, the suspension isn't greatly lengthened.

But my real motivation for this post is HRC. Hillary made a point yesterday of declaring that, not only does she never intend to go on an Imus-hosted show in the future,
she's never been the least bit interested in the past. That's rich. As if she's always avoided Imus for noble or ethical reasons. Honestly, both Clintons have always avoided most all (even mildly) difficult interview environments. For two well-educated people who are widely perceived to be blessed with formidable intellects, they've always seemed terrified of having to think on their feet and of having to defend themselves on the fly.

Anyone have a link to a transcript of Hillary's "Pink Press Conference"?

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