Thursday, July 27, 2006

In The Matrix

Our guy Myers Dupuy cracks me up. CST readers know him from a few of his humorous observation pieces like: Free Fallin' with Haagen-Dazs; and A Triathlon Story (or Voodoo Brine for the Soul).

Yesterday, Myers zapped me an e-mail pointing out one of the lesser known benefits of ping pong:

I play some daily ping pong with a guy here at the office, and while it's not a work out, that “sport” does wonders for the reflexes. I find myself catching things that fall off a desk, like a cup of water before it tips and spills. I imagine as I move through my day that I'm in my own Matrix movie just looking for little reflexive miracles of no material consequence that yet fill my day with joy.

I get this stuff from Myers all the time. When they start writing the sequel to
Office Space, they need to follow Myers around for a few weeks and gather in the gold. Seriously.

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